selected work since 1981
selected vork 2010/2012

selected work 2013/2014/2015


A concept used on my last work, is the idea of showing the picturewindow. I use figurative elements, particularly the landscape. Above those figurative elements, I superimpose “abstracts” geometric shapes; sometimes it is seen in thelandscape and simultaneosly in other spacial plane in front of the landscape, like if itwas in an inner space and through a window wecould see the outer space. That’svery close to Magritte’s art “Cuadros ventana”(“Windows-pictures”).
Other concept, is my interest for mix oposit conceptes, such figurative/abstract, clasical/contemporary, paint reality/ photography/reality.
During the last year I have started to introduce new forms such as curves and printing frames. I have also begun to introduce the written language in my work well using two different languages to express an idea or concept. On the one hand I use the pictorial language to represent a sensation, and the written language to indicatie that same feeling or situation, mixing the visual language with writing. Technically, I use traditional methods such as acrylic, and before at the 2010/11 years, the new technologies such as photography and digital processes.

Francisco Nicolas